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DB Engineering, office for design bridges and roads was established in the year 2005.

Employees are divided into two departments, "Department for Structures" and "Department for Roads" and are trained to solve the most complex tasks in areas related to roads, bridges and other enginnering structures.

The "Department for Structures" employs highly qualified and skilled engineers with knowledge in the designing of bridges, overpasses, underpasses, tunnels, retaining walls and other engineering structures.

The "Department for Roads" employs highly qualified engineers for roads and railways with extensive experience in the design of highways, main roads, regional and local roads, intersections and junctions, toll booths, rest areas, parking lots, bus stops and urban roads.

Our employees have gained experience in Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Libya, Algeria, Oman ....

All our engineers are trained to work in a large number of different computer programs necessary for serious and effective designing. These are: Tower, ArmCAD, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, RM Bridge, Adobe Proffesional, Gavran Civil Modeler, Auto Lisp, ...

Our clients are: Ministries of bridges, roads and transport, local municipalities and many state and private establishments.

We successfully cooperate with contractors of our designs. For us, the design is finished only when the structure is build.


DB Engineering has all kind of licences that are necessary for designing and supervision during construction of the bridges, tunnels, roads and other engineering structures. Also we have license P131G2 (for I and II rank roads and related facilities), and P132G1 P133G1 (for bridges and tunnels on the highways ...), P142G1 (for bridges and tunnels on the railway) and P202G1 (for bridges with span over 50m).

Our personal licences are: 310, 315, etc.. (issued by Serbian Chamber of Engineers).

We also have all necessary licences for designing in Montenegro, where we are present over 5 years.

Future plans

We plan an office with small number of highly skilled engineers who will continuously improve their knowledge and perform duties effectively and with great responsibility.

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